• Hang Stan Game

    Hang Stan Game

    Description: Answer questions from movies, tv shows, music and other to save stan the pig from being eaten !
  • Hang The Alien Game

    Hang The Alien Game

    Description: Try to guess the word and save the alien Instructions: Use your keyboard to type letters
  • Hangman Game

    Hangman Game

    Description: This is a typical Hangman game where you need to guess wordsInstructions: Use your mouse to click the letters
  • Hangnun Game

    Hangnun Game

    Description: Guess the letters correctly in this hangman type game to save the nun ...
  • Hapland Game

    Hapland Game

    Description:Hapland is an interactive world than a game You have to light up both...
  • Hook Line And Sinker Game

    Hook Line And Sinker Game

    Description: Help the fisherman catch the same species of fishes with his hook to g...
  • Hero Zymbols Game

    Hero Zymbols Game

    Description:Click a Hero symbol to stop the movement Click it again to start it moving again The goal is to get
  • I lost my puppy Game

    I lost my puppy Game

    Description: Try finding the lost puppies on this cool memory game! Game Instruct...
  • Incognitus 2 Game

    Incognitus 2 Game

    Description: Escape the Leaking Submarine! Yikes!Instructions: Mouse to point and click and find clues
  • Industry Game

    Industry Game

    Description: Dominoes x10! Try to plan the series of events that will achieve your ...
  • Icy Candy Game

    Icy Candy Game

    Game Description :Grab the pieces and drop them into their own rows of the same co...
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