• Riddle school 5

    Riddle school 5

    The aliens had abducted you and your friends from your school and they plan to des...
  • The geom tower defense

    The geom tower defense

    In this TD game you need to destroy geometric shapes, the shapes can change into a...
  • Pogoleg pirates

    Pogoleg pirates

    Manage your pirate for 12 weeks, each week there is one race You can train your pirate as well as betting on any pirate you wish to gain more money
  • Jim the worm

    Jim the worm

    You re Jim the worm, you have one simple goal, save the world!!!
  • Parappa: full tank

    Parappa: full tank

    Can you rap? let s see if you can repeat what the masters of rap teach you T...
  • Retime rpg

    Retime rpg

    Choose our character, his strength and special characteristics and enter this magical world
  • Feed the fish

    Feed the fish

    Your marvelous treasure as been scattered in the ocean and the jams were eaten by ...
  • Endice


    Move the die to an Outline Zone with no moves remaining The numbers on the die ...
  • D-bug defense

    D-bug defense

    Kill all the bugs
  • Fureyes base defense

    Fureyes base defense

    Defend the base from the Fureyes
  • Line simulator

    Line simulator

    You need to get first in line for PlayStation 4 by removing the others in front of you
  • Dead frontier: outbreak 2

    Dead frontier: outbreak 2

    You need to get into town, fight the zombies, get the medicine and return to the farm Make the right choices to succeed in you vision
  • Ricochet


    Clear the stage of all the sunbursts Try to to this as fast an you can with as little number of shoots
  • Kingdoms at war : conquest!

    Kingdoms at war : conquest!

    You have to build and upgrade your castle, train soldiers, do quests and more and make your kingdom the largest and greatest
  • Fluff fluff away

    Fluff fluff away

    "Emily is getting ready to cook some pancakes There are three fun steps to make...
  • Gone to the dogs

    Gone to the dogs

    Your task in this fun online game is to bet on races and train your own race dog You are a dog trainer just starting out in the racing world
  • Beetle tank

    Beetle tank

    Beetle Tank, control your tank, challenge the levels and make the highest score! Aft...
  • Color Smash

    Color Smash

    In this colorful logic puzzle game you have to smash away the bunches of same-colored stones using your mouse, let various extra-stones do the rest
  • Charlie Brown Xmas Tree

    Charlie Brown Xmas Tree

    Charlie Brown is sad because nobody likes the christmas tree he chose, Charlie needs...
  • Pod Chase

    Pod Chase

    Space based collecting and action game! Maneuver and blast enemies as you control your robot to collect pods and get to the top of the leaderboard!
  • Cheese Dreams

    Cheese Dreams

    Bounce your way to freedom as you escape from evil space mice!
  • Money Miner 2

    Money Miner 2

    Money Miner is back and this time he is off to the rainforest to find some ancien...
  • Thin Ice

    Thin Ice

    Get rid of all the monsters by skating holes into the ice and dropping them into the water!
  • N


    Run up walls, jump super high and collect seemingly unreachable collectables in this challenging platformer
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