Kimblis The Blue Game



  • Description: Battle your way through the abandoned city protecting a little girl from the evil creatures....Game Instructions:In this awesome Action/RPG game you"re Kimblis The Blue, a wizard with power over the winds. Things have been largely peaceful as of late. But some evil powers have taken over the city and caused huge damage. You"ve to explore the entire city and find the only survivor, a little girl, and escort her safely through the city. You must protect the little girl from the evil creatures at all cost, if she dies you"ll lose the game. In this game you must be cautious as the enemy could attack any moment. Also you need to solve some mysteries to make your way further. Just explore the entire place to search for keys or clues. Look into the instructions in the game for a detailed understanding of the in game controls and panels. Controls:Move Around: WASD Keys Aim : Mouse Attack: Left Click Health Potion: E Key Magic Potion: Q Key Switch Weapons: 1-7 Keys
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