• Freds Adventure Game

    Freds Adventure Game

    Fred s brand new bicycle was stolen by an unknown bully in this fun flash game ...
  • Frogger Game

    Frogger Game

    Description: The classic Frogger game gets a new dimension in this 3D version Get...
  • Fuzzy Mouse Mash Game

    Fuzzy Mouse Mash Game

    Description: Enter the cute but bloody world of Fuzzy McFluffenstein!
  • Galactic Conquest Game

    Galactic Conquest Game

    Game Instructions:Use the arrow keys to move and CTRL to shoot Kill all of the ene...
  • Ghost Game

    Ghost Game

    Game Instructions:Use the arrow keys to move left and right Jump with "S " and s...
  • Goblins Heart Game

    Goblins Heart Game

    Description: Yeah, Well, Goblins Hate You Too Instructions: Arrow keys to moveC for sword attackX for other attackZ for defense
  • H 2 Space Game

    H 2 Space Game

    Description:Navigate yourself through water filled tunnels in your stolen mini submarine and try to arrive back at the alien mothership
  • Hapland 3 Game

    Hapland 3 Game

    Description:Make it all happen in the Third Hapland! Instructions: Click stuff Watch events unfold The author says "walkthroughs are for losers "
  • Haunted House Game

    Haunted House Game

    Description: Can you escape the haunted house alive? Try this Halloween-inspired game!...
  • Hell Of Fear Game

    Hell Of Fear Game

    Description: Down to the depths of the abyss Will fear get a hold of you? ...
  • High Risk Rescue Game

    High Risk Rescue Game

    Game Instructions:Use the arrow keys to move your character Press the space bar to ...
  • Hobbit Rampage Game

    Hobbit Rampage Game

    Description: Take on the role of a hobbit and fight your way to the end! Instructi...
  • Hop To The Top Game

    Hop To The Top Game

    Description: Jump through various platforms to reach the maximum height, in this addi...
  • Houdini In Temple Game

    Houdini In Temple Game

    Description:Guide Houdini, the worlds greatest escape artist, to escape from a hidden...
  • Im With Stupid Game

    Im With Stupid Game

    Description: Help the Doofus traverse the hazardous terrain walking over the various ...
  • Indiana Jones Game

    Indiana Jones Game

    OBJECTIVES:Help Indiana Jones find the the lost treasure of Pharaoh, but watch out f...
  • Indiana Jones 2 Game

    Indiana Jones 2 Game

    Description: Do you have what it takes to be the next Indiana Jones? Find out if ...
  • Jamal And Wasp Bunker Game

    Jamal And Wasp Bunker Game

    Description: Jamal the vegetarian must survive through rough terrain, creepy creatures...
  • James Game

    James Game

    Description: You could be swinging from a star! Instructions: Left right arrows to r...
  • Jump Game

    Jump Game

    Description:Experience the fun of old school style games in this new jump n run adv...
  • Jumping Bananas Game

    Jumping Bananas Game

    Description: Jump for bananas while dodging critters! How many bananas can you collec...
  • Khooni Haveli Game

    Khooni Haveli Game

    Description: Get rich by stealing treasures from the Thakur s haunted house Instructions:Use Arrow keys to move
  • Kid Adventure Game

    Kid Adventure Game

    Description: This is a very addicting free game, but the game instruction is not av...
  • Kimblis The Blue Game

    Kimblis The Blue Game

    Description: Battle your way through the abandoned city protecting a little girl from...
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