• Solitaire Saloon Game

    Solitaire Saloon Game

    Description: Solitaire is a very popular classical card game, you can even find this...
  • Poker Patience Game

    Poker Patience Game

    Place the playing cards in the best spots possible to create the best hands in all rows and columns Controls:Use Mouse
  • Governor Of Poker Game

    Governor Of Poker Game

    Play a game of Poker with other computer players as you try to win all their money Controls:Read in the game Have a fun !
  • Throw Your Cards Game

    Throw Your Cards Game

    Try and get the card in the top hat Read more instructions in the game Controls:Use your Mouse Have a fun !
  • Good ol Poker Game

    Good ol Poker Game

    The classic game of 5 card draw, but with some twists Join the table and prepare...
  • Zilch Game

    Zilch Game

    Your goal in this game is to score more than the CPU to win the game Follow th...
  • Tri Towers Solitaire Game

    Tri Towers Solitaire Game

    Tri Towers Solitaire is a fun, more skillful version of the classic Tri Peaks card game
  • Pyramid Solitaire

    Pyramid Solitaire

    Click on any two available cards that add up to 13 Available cards are not cover...
  • Spider Solitaire

    Spider Solitaire

    Excellent flash game to play the solitary game Use the mouse to grab the cards y...
  • Golden Spider Solitaire

    Golden Spider Solitaire

    A really fun solitaire internet game Be sure to check out the instructions before you begin, if you re not familiar with the game
  • Golf Solitaire

    Golf Solitaire

    Try to play all cards off the table by matching the topmost cards with your stack...
  • Card Game

    Card Game

    OK, this is silly not really a full game, but may give you a laugh or two Controls: Mouse
  • Five Dice

    Five Dice

    Destroy all the dices forming poker hands Controls: Use the mouse to select the d...
  • Pokler Game

    Pokler Game

    Instructions:The object of this game is to make as many good poker hands on the bo...
  • Roulette Game

    Roulette Game

    OBJECTIVES:Just like the real thing, but without losing your hard earned cash Quite...
  • Slingo Deluxe Game

    Slingo Deluxe Game

    OBJECTIVES:To accumulate the highest points possible by completing a sequence of up t...
  • Blackjack Gold

    Blackjack Gold

    Have fun playing this cool version of blackjack CONTROLSMouse point and click
  • Blitz 21

    Blitz 21

    A puzzle card game where you need each row and column to add up to 21 A mix of sudoku and Blackjack CONTROLSMouse point and click
  • Castle Wars

    Castle Wars

    Castle Wars is a turn based card game where your goal is to be the first to buil...
  • Gekisen


    A cool adventure strategy card game!CONTROLSRead in-game instructions, as there is a lot to this game
  • Perfect Match

    Perfect Match

    The object of this game is to remove all the cards by unfolding a pair of identic...
  • Poker Superstars II

    Poker Superstars II

    Poker Superstars II raises the stakes with more superstars, a brand new poker AI an...
  • 3 Card Poker

    3 Card Poker

    To Bet, Drag chips to the PAIRS PLUS and or ANTE circles After cards are dealt,...
  • Skid MK

    Skid MK

    Ladies & Gentlemen, start you engines! Buckle up and brace yourself for the most in...
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