• Alligator Like Duck Game

    Alligator Like Duck Game

    This is a funny puzzle game about a cute alligator In this game you need to help him find her favorite toy - the rubber duck
  • Angry Birds Heroic Rescue Game

    Angry Birds Heroic Rescue Game

    Angry Bird s beloved birdie has been captured by ugly and currish green pig The aim of the aim for you is to help him rescue her Good luck!
  • Farm Soccer Game

    Farm Soccer Game

    Farm boy has a dream to become a soccer star after he watched the matches of Worl...
  • Let The Football Fly Game

    Let The Football Fly Game

    Let The Football Fly is the game to prove your skill of shooting,you need to kick...
  • Kings Troubles Game

    Kings Troubles Game

    Kings Troubles is a drawing puzzle game In which you re going to save the King...
  • Spy Bear Game

    Spy Bear Game

    Spy bear was taken to a military base when he was young,where he received tons of...
  • Z Infect Game

    Z Infect Game

    Turn the world upside down and help Zombies reach their target Dodge spikes, avoid pits and blow up explosives as you infect all humans
  • Bazooki Pocalypse Game

    Bazooki Pocalypse Game

    Blast zombies away with an arsenal of weapons The bullets are limited,use you head and guns !
  • Eat The Candy Game

    Eat The Candy Game

    Feeling super hungry and NOTHING will get in the way of you and your candy! 30 fu...
  • Draw Fender Level Pack Game

    Draw Fender Level Pack Game

    The bad guys who wants to do harm to the philanthropist have got out of the priso...
  • Zombie Shooter 2 Game

    Zombie Shooter 2 Game

    What are the best kind of bullets to kill zombies? The kind that hit them in the...
  • Red Warrior Game

    Red Warrior Game

    The cute little creatures have been living a calm adn peaceful life in their countr...
  • Circus Level Pack Game

    Circus Level Pack Game

    This little monster is facing a tough crowd Help him put on a great show and complete the all fun acrobatic performance !
  • Cover Orange Journey Pirates Game

    Cover Orange Journey Pirates Game

    The Journey continues! Protect your Pirate oranges from the acid rain Launch a raging monk in this upgrade based launching game !
  • Level Editor 3 Game

    Level Editor 3 Game

    Level Editor 3 is an fun puzzle game, in which you have to build different levels,...
  • Where Is My Duck Game

    Where Is My Duck Game

    Little crocodile wants to have a bath,but he cannot find his duck Please help him find his duck,it will make him very happy !
  • Winter Zombie Invasion Game

    Winter Zombie Invasion Game

    Even the ice-cold winter temperatures are not stopping the zombies The winter zombi...
  • Water Mania Game

    Water Mania Game

    What does every little boy wants to be? A fireman! In Water Mania you can follow ...
  • Vehicless 3 Car Toons Game

    Vehicless 3 Car Toons Game

    VEHICLES 3: CAR TOONS is the third sequel to the funny, physics-based car puzzle ga...
  • Wake Up The Box 4 Game

    Wake Up The Box 4 Game

    Draw shapes and let gravity take it s course in order to wake up each level s box in an all new approach to the hit game series
  • Truck Loader 3 Game

    Truck Loader 3 Game

    Here comes the third part of a little but strong Truck Loader! This time our yello...
  • Rats Invasion Game

    Rats Invasion Game

    Rats have invaded your house! You have no choice but to banish the rats from the ...
  • Little Ninja Game

    Little Ninja Game

    A monster has been created and destroyed a peaceful village The last survived villag...
  • Hungry Little Bear Game

    Hungry Little Bear Game

    This cute little bear hasn t eaten since last Friday, and we all understand that...
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