Freds Adventure Game



  • Fred"s brand new bicycle was stolen by an unknown bully in this fun flash game. Help him put the clues together and find his bike. While in the game use your Mouse to open the menu by moving the mouse pointer to the top of the screen and the menu should appear. Once in the menu you may use either: SELECT, TOUCH, LOOK AND TALK. Which allows you to interact with the other characters and objects in the game. You can open the inventory by clicking on the inventory button in the menu.When you pick some item open the inventory and place it inside and close the inventory. Later if you need an item you can click and select from the inventory. This game is quiet challenging that requires you to spend some time and be patient. Collect various items and use them appropriately. But for those of you, who can"t take a challenge! there is a walk through in the help section of the game!!!
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