• Kingdom Fire Game

    Kingdom Fire Game

    OBJECTIVES:Great RPG, read in game info - there s a lot of it!CONTROLS:Read in-game instructions - you ll need them
  • Lander X Game

    Lander X Game

    Description: Help save the Planet Generica from green space aliens in this online fl...
  • Leon And Magic Sturgeon Game

    Leon And Magic Sturgeon Game

    Description: Leons sister Elyon suddenly fell ill She can be cured only by the to...
  • Little Loki Game

    Little Loki Game

    Description:Little loki is bored in hell He wants to escape from it! Can you help ...
  • Lootie World Game

    Lootie World Game

    Description: Kinda like Mario, but with beer and cookies Instructions: arrow keys - move
  • Love Be Your Energy Game

    Love Be Your Energy Game

    Description: Guide Robbie through levels finding the girls Instructions: LEFT & RIGHT ARROW to move SPACE to jump
  • Maganic war Game

    Maganic war Game

    OBJECTIVES:This is a turn-based role playing card game You have 5 cards each turn...
  • Magical Stars Game

    Magical Stars Game

    Description: Help the little wizard collect all the magical stars through the differe...
  • Mantyca County Game

    Mantyca County Game

    Description: Go on your quest to creating the ultimate scheme of getting supporters for John Kerry to win the election
  • Mardek Game

    Mardek Game

    OBJECTIVES:Save a kidnapped chick from the clutches of an evil dragon An addicting...
  • Mario Adventure Game

    Mario Adventure Game

    Description: Another great adventurous Mario game! Explore the world, collect coins, c...
  • Mario Mushroom Game

    Mario Mushroom Game

    Description: Play a classic online flash game of Mario where you have to collect mu...
  • Mario Revived Game

    Mario Revived Game

    Game Instructions:Use the arrow keys to move and the space bar to jump This is a ...
  • Massive Attack Game

    Massive Attack Game

    Description: Defend your castle from incoming soldiers, horsemen, tanks, the elite force etc as long as you can! Game Instructions: See in the game
  • McDonalds Game

    McDonalds Game

    Game Instructions:Run the McDonalds Corporation Follow the tutorial in the game Runn...
  • Megaman Project X 2 Game

    Megaman Project X 2 Game

    Description: Play as Megaman, Zero or Bass and make your way through the adventurous...
  • Megaman Project X 3 Game

    Megaman Project X 3 Game

    Description:Demons, ghouls, magic rock monster Megaman returns in this challenging...
  • Megaman X 4 Game

    Megaman X 4 Game

    Description: Is a fight to the death between Megaman X and Magma Dragoon! Game ...
  • Microlife Game

    Microlife Game

    Game Instructions:Keep your creatures alive and well - their life is in your hands!W...
  • Miestas Game

    Miestas Game

    Description: An Art-Soaked Lithuanian Exploratory Sequel! Instructions: Arrow keys to moveSpacebar to use things
  • Mind Your Manor Game

    Mind Your Manor Game

    Description: Can you outwit the tyrant king? Instructions: Get your act in order to...
  • Mindscape Game

    Mindscape Game

    OBJECTIVES:Get the hell out of Candy Medows before you brain is fried Remember bun...
  • Monster Joust Madness Game

    Monster Joust Madness Game

    Description: Saddle up your lizard! Instructions: Mouseclick to swing your scimitar
  • Morbus Game

    Morbus Game

    Game Description: Choose to play as a warrior, traitor, jester or alchemist in this...
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