• Muffin Game

    Muffin Game

    Game Instructions:Move and jump by using the cursor keys Collect the ten stars on each level to open the exit
  • Murloc Game

    Murloc Game

    Description:Play as Murloc from the WoW in this massive RPG with 20 Talents,50+ Item...
  • Musco Morpha Game

    Musco Morpha Game

    Description: Play through 3 levels and bosses Can you save your Maggot brother? In...
  • Nightmare House Game

    Nightmare House Game

    Description: Get out of the house!Instructions:Explore the spooky house and collect objects
  • Nightmares of Leia Ray Game

    Nightmares of Leia Ray Game

    Description: Disturbing point & click puzzle VERY disturbing It s freaking me o...
  • Ninja Pirate Game

    Ninja Pirate Game

    Description: Ninja fights pirates! In a cave! Instructions: Left right arrows to moveA key to jump attack
  • Operation Overdom Game

    Operation Overdom Game

    OBJECTIVES:You are a CIA agen Dom Forster Your job is to collect valuable informat...
  • Overrun Game

    Overrun Game

    Description: Your aim is to defend the castle from orcs All you have is a bow a...
  • Paperplane Madness Game

    Paperplane Madness Game

    Description: Take on the role as a paper aeroplane and dodge the crazy birds, watch...
  • Pirates and Treasure Game

    Pirates and Treasure Game

    Description: When you sail with pirates, you gotta play thier games or walk the plank Instructions: mouse - move around screen and click for actions
  • Pixelville pensioners Game

    Pixelville pensioners Game

    OBJECTIVES:The sprites of Pixelville are retired videogame characters As Sabreman, yo...
  • Planet X Game

    Planet X Game

    Description: Maneuver your space ship through the dark caves of the planet X and co...
  • Plankton Life 2 Game

    Plankton Life 2 Game

    Game Description: Shot, avoid, eat, and evolve!Game Instructions:To shot use A KeyTo ...
  • Playing Field 2 Game

    Playing Field 2 Game

    Description: Hack into other universes and cause unimaginable chaos and destruction!Instructions: Use mouse
  • Qazs Quest Game

    Qazs Quest Game

    Description: Help Qaz,a little boy to save his town from the dangerous evil powers ...
  • Radical Racing Game

    Radical Racing Game

    Description: Radical racing, anyone? Try to get the highest score possible! Game ...
  • Ray Game

    Ray Game

    Description: Go on a mission to save a girl for some money, snipe down people and do the dirty work
  • Ray Part 2 Game

    Ray Part 2 Game

    Description:The sequel to the already popular Ray, and the decisions you make will d...
  • Red Beard Game

    Red Beard Game

    Description: Collect all the gold by activating various platforms and reach the desti...
  • Robina Hood Game

    Robina Hood Game

    Instructions:Aim using your mouse and press the left mouse button to fire Each stage will tell you the objective as it begins May your aim be true!
  • Rocket Man Game

    Rocket Man Game

    Description:Power up your rockets and jump from platform to platform land safely Ju...
  • Rolf in the city Game

    Rolf in the city Game

    Description: Rolf is in the urban jungle Join this cool monkey in his adventures! ...
  • Romanius 2 Game

    Romanius 2 Game

    Description: Romanius the cyclops slayer is back, time to pwn some more cyclops! ...
  • Ronin Game

    Ronin Game

    Description: Go through these ancient corridors as you battle it out with other samurai dodge bamboo traps and get pretty cute girls
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